I believe that the foundation of our church is Grace.  The New Covenant.  It’s all that God has freely provided for us through the person and work of Jesus Christ.   So, I have attempted to find the best way to teach God’s people about grace.  The Growing in Grace course is the best I have found.  That is how our discipleship starts.


We would live to facilitate your growth in Grace by meeting with you one on one to explore the depths of the New Covenant with you.  We believe that this is how we can make disciples that are equipped to follow and please the Lord. Just email Pastor Shawn at shawn@whiteflagcalvary.org and you will be put with someone who can walk through these with you.


Just go the the Living in Christ website HERE and begin listening to the studies.  They are life changing.  I would recommend that you print off the note sheets and take your own notes through the course.  It will help you remember all the details.


I want to give you a warning.  There will be a time in this study that it really “clicks” and your heart will be so blessed by the realities of God’s wonderful Grace.  KEEP GOING UNTIL THAT HAPPENS!  Don’t give up after one or two studies if you don’t feel like it’s beneficial.   Your life will never be the same when freedom comes in such a powerful way.