Keep your eyes focused on Him today!

“He is clothed with a robe reaching down to His feet”–what Official Dignity! 

“He is girded about the chest with a golden sash”–what Strong Affection! 

“His head and His hair are white as white wool, as white as snow”–what Perfect Holiness! 

“His eyes are as flames of fire”–what Consuming Knowledge! 

“His feet are like burnished bronze refined in a furnace”–what Righteous Judgment!

“His voice thundered as the mighty ocean waves”–what Absolute Authority!

“He has in His right hand seven stars”–what Sovereign Administration! 

“Out of His mouth proceeds a sharp two-edged sword”–what All-Searching Truth! 

“His face is like the sun shining in all its brilliance”–what Transcendent Glory!



(W. Graham Scroggie)




The Body of Christ has many needs.  And God has placed you specifically into His Body to meet those needs with love.  

If you would like to serve at White Flag Calvary, just fill out this application and we’ll get the process going.   You can email it to Pastor Shawn ( or drop it off at church on Sunday.  Then be praying for the Lord’s direction and a heart to serve His people in love.


Here is a sermon from our current series about your role in the church.  SPEC OPS FOR JESUS



Ministry Application