Love Destroys Legalism

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Listen to this study from Galatians. I believe this was one of the most powerful lessons on the true nature of legalism.   Here are the notes to follow along. Galatians 2_20 Love Destroys Legalism

Dedicating Children

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WHY DO WE DEDICATE CHILDREN? Dedicating children to the Lord is not strict command in Scripture. It is simply an attempt to apply several Biblical principles regarding parenting and Church life in a way that is culturally relevant. In Mark 10:13-16 we read: Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch them;… Read more »

White Flag Calvary Discipleship

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I believe that the foundation of our church is Grace.  The New Covenant.  It’s all that God has freely provided for us through the person and work of Jesus Christ.   So, I have attempted to find the best way to teach God’s people about grace.  The Growing in Grace course is the best I… Read more »

Leader Responsibilities

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Leader Responsibilities   Have a heart for the people.  Be willing to invest in them and hear their hearts even when it’s hard. Listen to the Sermon.  If you miss it we will have it podcast and website by the end of Sunday. Complete Anchored Deep Page.  (Homework that all members will get) Pray and… Read more »


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The Body of Christ has many needs.  And God has placed you specifically into His Body to meet those needs with love.   If you would like to serve at White Flag Calvary, just fill out this application and we’ll get the process going.   You can email it to Pastor Shawn ( or drop… Read more »