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White Flag Calvary“.

That’s our name.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to come up with a name for a new church.  You want something unique, so you don’t get lost in the crowd of church names out there.  Yet, I firmly believe that the Lord Jesus builds His own church, as He wills, regardless of the name.  So, my wife Dana and I asked Jesus to show us what the name should be.

I started writing down what is most important to me as a pastor.  I started with the word “GRACE”.  Well, thats a great word and an even better idea but just about every church in Denver has the word “GRACE” somewhere in the name.  So, to avoid confusion, I kept thinking.

A synonymous term for grace is the phrase “New Covenant”.  I thought of using that term or some creative way of breaking up those words but nothing was really catching my eye.    The journey continued.

I thought of how our church, and any church, needs to respond to the New Covenant of Grace and that is by surrendering in humility and faith.  James 4:6 tells us that God gives grace to the humble and we certainly want, and rely upon, Gods favor for our church.   So, I took a look at the word “Surrender“.  Thats a pretty neat word.  I had just about decided that would be the name of the church when I started drawing some pictures of what our logo could look like.  Thats when the idea of a white flag popped in my head.  My wife was sitting right next to me when I drew the flag and said “Thats it!”

The more I thought about it the more I loved the name.  It truly speaks of humility and faith.  Those two relational realities that are required in the life of a believer to receive grace.  I know for many years I tried to make God happy through my own efforts.  I tried to obtain victory over sin in my own way.  Yet, I found out what everybody else does, that I could not do Gods will in my own efforts.  From my own resources I drew upon, there was never a victory.  But God, in His great love, showed me the Word of God, that teaches us to surrender instead of strive.   To trust in Gods grace and resources instead of my own.

Thus, White Flag Calvary was named.

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