Bulletproof Vest!

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            Click on the image above to hear this weeks message called “Bulletproof Vest”. Then check out the discussion questions at one of our Anchor Groups.  I promise it’s life changing.

Love Destroys Legalism

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Listen to this study from Galatians. I believe this was one of the most powerful lessons on the true nature of legalism.   whiteflagcalvary.sermon.net/10624320   Here are the notes to follow along. Galatians 2_20 Love Destroys Legalism

Descriptions of Jesus from Revelation 1

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Keep your eyes focused on Him today! “He is clothed with a robe reaching down to His feet”–what Official Dignity!  “He is girded about the chest with a golden sash”–what Strong Affection!  “His head and His hair are white as white wool, as white as snow”–what Perfect Holiness!  “His eyes are as flames of fire”–what… Read more »